Traditional  / Unique Tools

Scarred by years of constant use, a lustre shines through telling is own story…..

Clock Making as a tradition always involved the close relationship between the skilled craftsmen and his tools. Buchanan understands this completely and believes it is the secret to producing timepieces that have the same aura as the clocks produced over 100 years ago. Buchanan makes it a priority to retain use of the traditional tools and skills. Hand tools are Buchanan’s closest friend, with hundreds of different kinds and sizes some with many rolls to play some which may only be used for one particular process and then returned to their place to be kept safely for the next occasion.

Machines also have and always will play an important roll in clock making and at Buchanan there are over twenty six different machines which are all used at some point when making a clock. All these machines require a skilled operator to achieve perfect results and Buchanan puts great emphasis on knowing and understanding every intricacy of every machine so they can be used to their maximum potential.

Buchanan also develops and creates their own purpose built machines to carry out special jobs which leads to our timepieces having details that are not seen on any other timepiece.