Clock Number 4 - Double Pendulum

Clock Number 4 – Double Pendulum Wall Hanging Observatory Regulator

Completed: 2006

This clock was an assignment for a client from the USA. The client’s wish was to have a clock made that incorporate all that he saw as the best of the late 18th century clocks, made by masters such as Janvier, Harrison and Breguet, amongst others.

The design of the clock evolved over a number of meetings, discussions and visits to study significant clocks of the period in London collections.

Buchanan’s client was clear on certain features that had to be included; twin movements – one for mean and solar time and the other to show sidereal time – each with its own separate pendulum.

Many other features are included and are listed below:

  1. Clock had to be wall hanging.
  2. Case had to maximize Glass area to allow workings to be seen
  3. Anti-friction wheels throughout the going train.
  4. Jewelled bearings throughout including anti-friction wheels.
  5. Solid Silver Dials
  6. Solid Ruby Knife Edge Support
  7. Dials and Weight in the style of Breguet’s No 3671 clock.
  8. Glass dials allowing complexities behind the dials to be viewed.
  9. Twin Grid-iron Pendulums with the front pendulum incorporating a mechanical thermometer.

The clock is finished to Buchanan’s high level of workmanship with every component polished to a mirror finish. The case is made from Flame Mahogany complimented with brass beading.

This clock now belongs to a private collection in the UK.

Glass Dials as an option allow complications behind the dials to be viewed
Solid Silver Dials
Complex and fine workings of the clock
Double Pendulums with Mechanical thermometer in centre