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Beautiful, Elegant and Complex

Each timepiece Buchanan creates is unique. This means there is a design process that is followed each time. When Buchanan works on an assignment for a client, there is close communication between the client and Buchanan as the client expresses their personal tastes and requests as to what the clock must look like and what functions it must have. Buchanan encourages the client to send any images of the clocks they like and any details that they particularly like. Together, the client and Buchanan work out a proposal which is governed by the budget set by the client. When Buchanan works on a clock that is not made to a client’s order the focus is always on showcasing the complexity, quality and always elegant beauty that Buchanan can achieve in a timepiece.

Whether the timepiece to be built is for a client or for Buchanan the design process next follows a similar course. Once the functions to be incorporated into the clock are listed then the overall aesthetics are focused on. Numerous sketches and discussions lead to decisions as to the physical visual design and layout. This then leads to the mechanical detail and workings of the clock. Calculations are made, gear ratios and the positions of gears are worked out. More sketches and design work follows.

Much of Buchanan’s design work is not done on a computer. Even in the early stages of design traditional drawings techniques are used. Depending on the complexity of the clock, as the design grows, mock ups and trial working are made to prove it is mechanically possible and confirm visual balance and aesthetics.

The whole design process is where mechanics and functionality meet with Art and Beauty, and Buchanan realises how important it is, and believes we can achieve a fine balance between all of these.