No. 2 Presentation Piece

Clock Number 2 – Presentation Piece

Completed: 2002

Buchanan’s first commissioned piece, clock number 2 was to be a gift to a retiring power company executive and had to be delivered within 4 weeks. Its design incorporates 18 personalised features associated with the industry that the person receiving the clock had spent his career in.

Among the 18 references are the sparks for the hands, pylons included in the dial design and cooling tower movement supports. The dial aperture reveals a sequence of pictures of personal interest and relevance to the owner.

The clock included a sliding drawer which encloses purpose made tools to maintain the clock. The drawer is opened by operating a secret catch underneath the base.

This clock was completed in year 2002 and underlines Buchanan’s ability to understand the clients needs and collaborate with them to produce a bespoke timepiece, intensely personal to the owner and an exquisite work of art.