Pouvillon Astronomical Clock Restoration

This clock was restored by Buchanan for a client from the USA. Apart from being extremely complex it has an interesting story behind it. We invite you to read more about this clock and its maker on our client’s website www.my-time-machines.net


Maker, Paul Pouvillon, Nogent-sur-Oise, France 1918-1939. Two train, weight-driven, pinwheel escapement, one second wooden rod, with fine calibration from the top of the frame. Count wheel strike, twenty one day duration. This clock is extraordinary on many levels. It is considered to be the most complicated domestic-sized skeleton clock made up to that time and has 44 complications including an ecclesiastical computer; something only a handful of clocks ever made exhibit. All this packed into the very small space of one-half cubic foot (0.0141 cubic meter). Movement 20″h x 6″w x 6″d, overall, with base 50″h.


The Pouvillon was purchased by Buchanans client on a Christies auction in London UK. Upon winning the auction the clock was shipped direct to Buchanan’s workshop in Australia for restoration.

Upon arrival from London,it was immediately obvious that the clock was a long way from being in working order with numerous parts missing. First step was to take the clock apart piece by piece with each stage photographed and an in-depth analysis made of the workings. Photographs and notes were submitted to the client and together a plan for the restoration was agreed upon. This process was documented in depth and can be viewed on the client’s website here: http://my-time-machines.net/pouvillon_restoration1.htm

Once the restoration was completed, the client visited Australia and inspected the clock in its restored state before it was packaged and shipped to the USA. The clock remains in our client’s ownership and is in full running condition.

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