Restoration Services

Buchanan values the importance of every timepiece and understands that there are many facets to what gives value to a timepiece; the history of a clock makes it valuable and to a certain degree the older a clock, the more valuable it is. Also the history of its ownership or who made the clock. Complexity can make a clock valuable, aesthetics or beauty or the number of precious stones used or exotic metals, can all add value to a timepiece. These thing will add up to make a clock valuable to the public.

Looking at it from a different angle, but we believe this is just as important, there is the personal value a client has for their clock. It may not be a museum piece or have high monetary value, it might even be a simple sundial, but Buchanan understands and values our client’s personal attachment and interest in their clocks. Maybe it belonged to a favourite Grandfather or was presented to a husband for long service, so the sentimental value of anything is difficult to put a value on and is an intensely individual thing.

When Buchanan takes on a restoration project, the client’s requests and personal tastes are most important. Buchanan seeks to restore antique clocks in a way that will give the client the greatest satisfaction. If a client wishes certain parts to remain untouched then this is ensured without a query.

Buchanan has a vast experience from studying and working on many clocks, which enables advice to be given on every detail of a restoration, such as the materials used to replace lost parts, refinishing or repairing the wood work and its finishes.

Restoration takes place step by step and Buchanan seeks to make the process an interesting journey for the client. On large projects every step of the restoration is photographed and documented. Regular updates are sent to the client including photographs and videos. If the client is close by then visits are arranged as each step is reached.

Buchanan takes a particular interest in restoring clocks of complexity in nature, such as Pouvillon’s Astronomical Clock showcased on this website.

Buchanan regards it an honour to play a part in restoring masterpieces to their former glory and enabling them to be kept and not lost.